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About us

Our objective is to provide a simple product list for everyone who like to use the smart technology in every day life. In this website we do not sell any products. Price listed on the products are guide only and this is only valid when the product is listed to this web site.

We have the following objective

  • List all the products thats certified by Australian authority
  • Products are available via the local retailers (online eBay, Bangoods or Aliexpress products will not be listed)
  • Easy to setup via mobile apps also open to other popular platforms Voice assistants
  • We will only recommend the products that we tested in our environments
  • In general anything requiring wiring inside walls etc will require a licensed electrical contractor for installation.

Contact details

Parcel Address
Parcel Locker 10009 26885
37-39 Egerton Street
Silverwater NSW 2128

Note on test devices

  • Only send the test devices which is approved for Aus/NZ
  • We can not guarantee we will review and published all devices we received
  • Please supply required documentation (wiring and setup process)
  • Please supply contact details, if any clarifications required by out test team
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