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At SmartHomeAutomation.wiki, our goal is to provide a comprehensive and user-friendly product list for those interested in incorporating smart technology into their daily lives. We do not sell any products, but rather provide a guide to prices available through local retailers.

To ensure the highest level of quality and reliability, we only list products that have been certified by Australian authorities. Additionally, we only recommend products that we have personally tested in our own environments.

Our recommend products that are easy to set up and compatible with popular mobile apps and voice assistant platforms. However, please note that any products requiring wiring inside walls must be installed by a licensed electrical contractor.

Our objective is to provide a simple product list for everyone who like to use the smart technology in every day life. In this website we do not sell any products. Price listed on the products are guide only and this is only valid when the product is listed to this web site.

Note on sending test devices

We welcome test device submissions for potential inclusion on our site, but please note that we can only accept devices that have been approved for use in Australia and New Zealand. Additionally, we cannot guarantee that every device submitted will be reviewed or published on our site. To ensure a smooth process, please be sure to include all necessary documentation, including wiring and setup instructions, as well as contact information for our test team to reach out with any clarifications.

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  • Products should have AU/NZ certification
  • Products should be available via the local retailers (online eBay, Bangoods or Aliexpress products will not be listed)
  • We will only recommend the products that we tested in our environments
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