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Testing and scoring home automation products

We will follow the following scoring process to evaluate any home automation echo systems.

Smart switch2 pt for each Gang + PM 1pt7
Switch Fan & LightFan speed control 5 + light 1 + PM 1pt 7
Switch Light DimmerSwitch dimming 3px + Apps dimming 3 point + PM 1pt7
GPO power pointGPO 5pt + PM 1pt 6
Garage door switch2 pt2
Roller shutter mode2 pt2
Doorbell2 pt2
Doorlock5 pt5
RGB LED LightsWhite 2pt + colour 3pt5
RGBW LED StripWhite 2pt + colour 3pt5
DIM Rail controlSwitching 3pt + PM 2pt5
Motion sensor2
Contact sensor2
Temperature & Humidity sensor2
Other sensors1 point each5
Voice Assistant
(Google , Alexa, Siri)
5point each15
(Google home, Apple HomeKit, Alexa and SmartThings)
5 point each20
Cloud control + local control5 point each10
Support opensource platform
(Homeassistant, Habitat etc..)
5 point each10
Mobile apps control (iOS & android)5 point each10

PM (Power monitoring), pt (point)

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