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BroadLink TC3 switches review

BroadLink TC3 smart light switches does not required any neutral connection. As this use RF technology to connect the devices required S3 Hub. To ensure stability, the maximum connected device number of each S3 hub is limited to 8. This product is approve for Australia/NZ use.

6.5Expert Score
Brilliant product

Smart touch switches are responsive. Required S3 Hub to connect to internet. Easy to connect to voice assistant platforms Google and Alexa. No neutral wire required to operate. No support for some of the popular home automation hubs.

BroadLink TC3 with S3 Hub
BroadLink TC3 1/2/3 Gang switch
  • Easy to setup with Android and IOS BroadLink app
  • Does not require neutral connection which makes it suitable for all homes
  • We haven’t notice any flicker in our testing and switches are very responsive
  • Devices does not create a mesh network (like Zigbee) as a result more S3 hub needed to cover the whole house
  • No support for SmartThing Hub, HomeAssistant and Habitat

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