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Can we use Lutron Caseta smart switches in Australia/NZ? 

Lutron designs and manufactures automated light and shade controls for homes and commercial applications. Lutron hold over 2,700 worldwide patents and were the first company to create a system of dimmer and motorized window shades for controlling both electric light and daylight.

Lutron Caseta

Lutron Caseta are a premium smart switch brand, with a range of lights switches, detachable remotes, dimmers, and more. When you research smart switches ever one talks about Lutron Caseta. Can we use Lutron Caseta smart switches in Australia or NZ? The answer is no.

Lutron Caseta never design for Australia/NZ outlet. It run on 110v power supply and Australia and NZ uses 220v power supply. This products are not certified for Aus/NZ use.

Why Amazon Australia sells Caseta products?

If you go to Amazon Australia and search for “Lutron Caseta”, you get loads of results. So why is this, when the products don’t really work in these non-American countries?

There’s two main reasons for this:

  1. Some of the “Caseta” results are for Pico remotes (or the Caseta hub), which can be used outside of America.
  2. Amazon sometimes lists ‘global’ products across all their websites. In other words, a product listed on America’s Amazon.com might also appear on Amazon.com.au (for the Australian market).

Amazon will eventually remove incompatible products from their respective non-America Amazon sites, but this can take some time.

So can you ever buy ‘Caseta’ products in Australia? Well, some “Caseta” products actually aren’t the hardwired Caseta switches – they are Pico remotes, or the Caseta hub. And thankfully, these can potentially work in Australia/NZ – that is why Amazon still list them in Australia.

How can we use Caseta in Australia/NZ

Oneway to use Caseta products here in Australia by pair the Pico remote with the Caseta hub, and then control any devices that you have integrated with the Caseta hub. For example, you might have a bunch of smart bulbs that support HomeKit, and by linking this with the Caseta hub, you can then turn the smart bulbs on and off using your Pico remote.

As per our recommendation avoid this products completely. All of the hardwired Caseta switches will not work and you will not get any benefits investing on this products.

Ideal smart switches for Australia and New Zealand

Our website is dedicated for finding and listing products for Australia and New Zealand. You can see the list of smart switches in our catalogue. Following branded products are appropriate for AU/NZ.

  • Grid Connect – this are mostly WiFi smart products manufacturer with Australian/NZ standard. Company like DETA, Arlec, Antsig, Orion, Verve and mercator use Grid connect app to configure and control this devices.
  • Mercator Ikuü – They have both WiFi and Zigbee range smart products. Mercator Ikuü is an Australian-owned brand offering smart home products that are simple to install, quick to set up and easy to use.
  • Power Mesh – These are BLE connected smart products. The Zimi mobile apps controls all of the PowerMesh range of switches and power points.
  • Shelly – These are WiFi modules that go behind the switch/wall plate are an increasingly popular as smart home products, and they are licensed in Australia. There are loads of different smart switch options offered by Shelly, so you should be able to find what you need.
  • Aeotec – These are Z-Wave modules that go behind the switch/wall plate. Buy the products from an Australian retailer, because American Z-Wave devices run at a different frequency which is incompatible with Z-Wave in Australia & NZ.
  • Fibaro -This is another Z-Wave option, and Fibaro sell a hub to pair with any switches you purchase.
  • Clipsal – Wiser Smart switch and dimmer mechanism use ZigBee protocols and they also support multi-way connections.

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