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Cheapest DIY home automation Australia 2022

Lets build a cheapest home automation system where you can control your house from mobile apps and voice assistant (Google or Alexa). In this example we are not considering Apple HomeKit or Siri due to not having enough Australian certified products.

In this setup we are not considering any Automation Hub to control all devices from a central location (i.e Home Assistant, Alexa Hub or SmartThing hub) .

What to consider for automation


We believe Smart Switch will be the first to consider. It’s always better to replace existing light switched to smart switches. Thing to consider when picking a solution.

  • How many switches do you like to replace?
  • How many dimmer switches do you need?
  • Do you have any Fan switches?
  • Any multiway switches?
  • Do you know if you have Neutral wire present in your power outlet?


Sensors allow you to control automaton and events from the sensors plays very important roles in automation. Some of the sensor to consider is PIR motion sensor, Temperature sensor, Lights, flood etc.

Smart Lights

If you have to choose between smart switch or smart light it will be always smart switch. Smart lights allow control light brightness and colours. In this section we will not add lights because it will complicate the solution.

1. Grid Connect series products from Bunnings

Grid connect series products available from Bunning warehouse. for Home automation you have different choses from different brand

  • 1/2/3/4 Gang Deta GridConnect smart switches
  • Deta GridConnect smart Fan and Light switche
  • Deta GridConnect smart Switch and dimmer mechanism
  • Orion Grid Connect motion sensors
  • Orion Grid Connect contact sensors

2. Shelly

Shelly products are good in quality and reasonable price. All Shelly products use WiFi to connect the internet. So upgrading ISP supplied router to batter router is good idea when full home automation is planed.

  • SHELLY 1
  • SHELLY 2.5
  • Shelly Dimmer 2
  • Shelly DW
  • Shelly Flood
  • Shelly i3
  • Shelly Button1
  • Shelly UNI
  • Shelly Plus 1
  • Shelly PRO 4PM
  • Shelly Plus 1PM
  • SHELLY Plus i4

BroadLink TC3 products does not required natural connection as a result this can be install everywhere.

  • BroadLink TC3-1 Gang/2 Gang/3 Gang Smart switches
  • BroadLink S3 Hub (required)
  • BroadLink PIR Motion sensor
  • BroadLink DS4 Contact sensor

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